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Although we raise a lot of money for a variety of local causes the running cost of the choir is an expensive business. We appreciate the support and loyalty we have from our patrons in helping us. With this new website we’re hoping that it will be easier for patrons to find out what’s going on, with our social events as well as concerts.

A patron of the choir pays an annual contribution of £10 per person or £15 per couple. If you’re interested please email Sandra Baker on

                          Afternoon Tea

On Saturday 6th April our patrons are invited to an Afternoon Tea at St James' Church Hall at 2.15 pm. The cost is £5 a head and includes entertainment by Debra John. She is a 'one woman show' with an amazing, and often funny, monologue of a historical character. Please contact a member of the choir if you'd like to come!

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